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Who We Are

Atelier Realtors offers a fresh and friendly approach to the Real Estate market in the National Capital Region.


At Atelier, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with tailor fit Real Estate investment opportunities as well as help them in buying their dream home.


We strongly believe in a quote by Will Rogers, "Don’t wait to buy Real Estate. Buy Real Estate and wait.”


Sahil Dasawar


Since the age of 6, Sahil began to develop his love for Real Estate. He'd build homes out of Legos and practice his selling techniques with his Lego people. This passion has stuck with him from childhood through adulthood.

After completing his masters in International Marketing from Indian Institute of Planning and Management and undergoing a Leadership Programme at Cornell University, his first assignment in the Indian Real Estate Industry was with DLF, the leading developer of the country. After marketing DLF's projects across India for more than 5 years, he decided to enhance his Real Estate skills internationally and joined Damac, one of leading developers of UAE. 

Taking a leap ahead in 2021, Sahil instituted Atelier Realtors, a Real Estate consultancy firm as a seasoned professional who exudes credibility, commitment and determination. His passion for Real Estate is apparent through his excellent communication skills and a warm and friendly approach. He earns the respect of his clients by working tirelessly on their behalf and by always offering them candid advice.

When he is not assisting his clients, he enjoys spending time with his family, experimenting with drinks, traveling the globe and capturing it in his reel.

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